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This Week is Brain Awareness Week

Every year, people all over the world get together to celebrate the brain!  During Brain Awareness Week, scientists, families, schools, and communities work to raise public awareness about the progress and benefits of brain research.  They do this through all sorts of activities, including tours through neuroscience laboratories, exhibitions about the brain, and lectures about brain-related topics.  Check out what is happening in Southern California at UCLA and USC!  Find events in your area by searching this international calendar, and get involved in spreading your excitement for brain research!

Brain Awareness Week 2014 Knowing Neurons

To help celebrate Brain Awareness Week, we encourage you to watch these YouTube videos from Crash Course‘s Psychology series!  You’ll be amazed at how much your brain does and how little we little we actually know about it yet!  What do you find most interesting about the brain?


Image made by Kate Jones.

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